From our office in historic Kingston, New York, we serve all members of the adoption triad : birth parents, adoptive parents, and persons who have been adopted. For expectant parents and birth parents, we offer the personal support needed to face difficult choices without pressure or obligation. We provide free adoption counseling to new parents and expecting parents who are considering adoption as an alternative to parenting on their own. If adoption is a good plan, we provide matching services to help choose an adoptive family, open adoption if desired, support and counseling throughout the adoption process, and referral to excellent adoption legal services for our clients. See our Birth Parent Services

For prospective adoptive parents, we explore adoption options, provide adoption home studies and adoption education, offer choice along the open adoption continuum, encourage participation in adoption planning, deliver adoption matching services, and referral to expert adoption legal services through adoption finalization. See our Adoptive Parent Services

We believe that every adoption is unique to the families involved. Our specialized knowlege and high ethical standards are readily apparent in all aspects of our work.

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