Atsuko Bauman

Atsuko Bauman was born in 1982 in Japan. Her first interest in art was thru painting in her daily life. She started painting and drawing in earnest when she was 16. In 2003, She attended Hiko Mizuno college of Jewelry where she majored traditional Japanese metal smith. Most Japanese metal smith techniques express their arts by combining different color of metals and using texture on the surfaces. However, she found most her joy in SHIPPOU technique(Japanese Enameling), where she was able to express her works with unlimited amount of colors . In 2006, she attended SUNY New paltz as exchange student, where she studied under Jamie Benett (master Enamelist) . Now, she lives and works in upstate New York. Her work is inspired by colors and shape in nature and what she sees in daily life.

Satoru Bauman

Established in 2008, SATORU™ creates exquisite jewelry, set apart by modern design, unusual material combinations and impeccable craftsmanship. Each collection pairs platinum, gold and stainless steel with the finest quality gems and rare hardwoods to create powerful contrasts and visual tension. Each ring is approached as a small sculpture, pairing aesthetic artistry and technical virtuosity of the highest standard. SATORU™ jewelry combines the elegance of a modern Japanese aesthetic with cutting-edge techniques, resulting in innovative and timeless designs.
Each piece is made to order in New York using the finest quality materials.

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